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New Mexico Drug Addiction

Sunny New Mexico has a dark side in the form of illicit drug addiction. According to reports, New Mexico suffers the second-highest rate of drug-associated deaths in the nation. While many of these are related to prescription drug use, New Mexico drug addiction is increasing as evidenced by increased seizures of meth labs and greater numbers of heroin users seeking treatment. New Mexico drug addiction can be overcome one addict at a time. Although addiction cannot be cured, it can be successfully managed through comprehensive treatment at a certified drug treatment center.

What Is Street Drug Abuse?

New Mexico drug addiction is a complicated problem; in fact, it isn’t a mere problem for addicts; it’s a complex disease. Some of the most commonly abused street drugs in New Mexico that are associated with high rates of addiction include heroin, cocaine (and crack cocaine), crystal meth, and marijuana. Alcohol abuse is also a serious problem for the state. As a largely rural state on the border with Mexico, New Mexico is vulnerable to cartel drug trafficking. While it’s up to the state and federal government to try to curb this illegal drug activity, it’s up to individual addicts to realize when their abuse has turned into addiction. Street drug addiction can be deadly. Treatment is vital to safeguard one’s physical and mental health. 

Street Drug Addiction in New Mexico

New Mexico is struggling when it comes to illicit drug abuse. The New York Times referred to the state’s drug problem as a “plague” due to the high abuse rates of street drugs within its jurisdiction. In its report, the newspaper reported that many addicts got their start by abusing powerful prescription drugs like painkillers made from opiates. When these medications could not be obtained, many turned to street drugs like heroin or crack. The Trust for America’s Health has stated that heroin use is increasing due to the crackdown on prescription drug abuse across the state. This dangerous trend is fueling New Mexico drug addiction.

Commonly Abused Street Drugs in New Mexico


Cocaine is a stimulant that is abused in New Mexico as a powder and as crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is crystal form of cocaine that is smoked. Cocaine is a Schedule II stimulant and is extremely addictive. Cocaine produces a euphoric high by turning on the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. As the person increases their dosage to achieve their high, they can soon develop a tolerance to that dose. By increasing their dosage, addiction can form. If the persona stops taking the cocaine, withdrawal symptoms will occur if addiction is present. Using this drug is associated with various health problems like increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, mood swings, anxiety, and paranoia. Signs of cocaine abuse include aggressiveness, nosebleeds, depression, and heart problems or even heart attack.


Heroin is a Schedule I narcotic and associated with extremely high rates of abuse throughout the US. Heroin is associated with a relapse rate of anywhere between 40 and 60%, according NPR. Heroin can develop a tolerance to this opioid fast. In fact, addiction can form within a mere few uses. People who abuse heroin risk drug overdose as well as many severe psychological and physical health issues like reduced respiratory function and increased risk for diseases hepatitis. Symptoms of heroin abuse include reduced cognitive ability, reduced breathing rates, scratching, vomiting, loss of interest in other areas of life, and suppressed appetite and immune system.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is a Schedule II drug that carries high rates of abuse and addiction. The relapse rate among crystal meth, also known as simply meth, addiction is 93% even with certified treatment. People who are abuse meth often experience a powerful high that is associated with intense energy, increased awareness, and a misleading feeling of invincibility. Meth is associated with aggressive behavior and involves intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Aside from the high risk for overdose, meth abusers are at increased risk for health problems that include reduced cognitive function, weight loss, serious dental issues, and racing heart rate. Symptoms of meth abuse most commonly include skin picking, tooth decay, hair loss, and erratic or aggressive behavior.

Treatment for New Mexico Drug Addiction

New Mexico drug addiction can be deadly; overdose may occur at any time. Seeking treatment at a quality drug treatment center or rehab is the best way to manage street drug addiction. Managing addiction involves multi-type treatments that will target each aspect of the addiction, its physical, psychological, and behavioral components. When beginning treatment, addicts will undergo medical detox first. During this part of treatment, healthcare providers will likely treat withdrawal symptoms as needed while the patient is carefully weaned of the addictive substance. When detox is complete, rehab facilities may offer traditional treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy along with alternative treatments such as highly effective family therapy to help addicts attain the long-term sobriety they crave.

Many people addicted to heroin or meth may be placed on drug maintenance programs that employ helpful drugs like methadone. Some addicts rely on drug maintenance programs for a short period while others might need them indefinitely. When entering rehab, addiction specialists will evaluate each patient in order to recommend a tailored treatment plan that takes the patient’s health into consideration. After treatment is completed, aftercare is a vital part of long-term recovery and can provide people with the extra support they need to return to their everyday lives.

If you may have an addiction to illegal or illicit drugs, it is important to seek treatment now. Both your mental and physical health are at great risk if you cannot manage your addiction. As street drug addiction statistics in New Mexico increase, put yourself at the best possible advantage. Contact an addiction specialist now and refuse to let substance abuse dictate your health and happiness of one more day.