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Alternative Treatment in New Mexico

Traditional forms of drug rehabilitation such as one-on-one and group counseling are still widely practiced in rehab centers in New Mexico and across the country. However, alternative methods of addiction recovery have been developed that offer both a wider variety of treatment options and more individualized treatment programs to recovering drug and alcohol addicts. Alternative treatment in New Mexico has increased in popularity and are as effective in many cases as are the traditional methods.

What is alternative addiction treatment?

Alternative forms of therapy to treat substance abuse have been developed to help rehab patients recover from drug and alcohol dependencies. Alternative treatment in New Mexico are now used in many rehab clinics. While they take a different approach to addiction recovery than do traditional methods of therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy, these alternative forms of therapy can be applied in conjunction with traditional counseling methods and may act as useful supplements to counseling.

The following alternative drug treatment therapies are among the most widely accepted and popular:

Restorative yoga

Yoga was developed centuries ago in southern Asia. The practice of yoga involves both physical flexibility and strength and mental discipline. Practitioners of yoga assume and hold particular physical poses and practice breathing exercises.

Many rehab centers and addiction experts now recommend yoga as an addiction recovery tool. Restorative yoga helps the rehab patient gain energy and physical strength. Restorative yoga is a good treatment option for patients who wish to increase their strength and energy levels and fight against the fatigue that is a common symptom of prolonged drug and alcohol abuse and withdrawal.

Music therapy

Music therapy courses place the patient in a setting where he can create music through singing and playing instruments. Music has a highly therapeutic effect, and by creating music, the patient can channel his energy in a positive direction and fight against the urge to relapse into old patterns of drug and alcohol abuse.

Equine therapy

Contact with horses can help recovering substance abusers maintain sobriety. Rehab patients who are enrolled in equine therapy programs visit horse farms and are allowed to pet, groom, guide, and ride horses in the presence of trained horse experts.  Equine therapy is an appropriate choice of therapy for rehab patients who have expressed an affinity for animals or who enjoy outdoor activities.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that involves the light insertion of fine-tipped needles in the patient’s skin. These needles are placed at specific points in the skin and are variously vibrated and rotated. This practice is intended to control the flow of the patient’s qi, a metaphysical force that regulates aspects of human health.

One of the conditions that acupuncture has long been used to treat is addiction to drugs and alcohol. The practice has gained in popularity in the US, and some addiction experts now recommend acupuncture treatment as a form of addiction recovery. Acupuncture is a suitable recovery method for patients who have an interest in traditional forms of medicine.

The benefits of alternative drug treatment therapies

Alternative treatment in New Mexico offers the rehab patient a more personalized treatment plan. They may also act as an effective form of aftercare. Patients who complete rehab face the threat of a relapse, or a return to drug and alcohol abuse. Aftercare is a vital part of any relapse prevention plan. Alternative forms of therapy such as music therapy and restorative yoga can be easily practiced by the recovering substance abuser for years following his or her completion of rehab.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact an addiction specialist now and learn about your possible treatment options. A life free from substance addiction is waiting if you are willing to work for it.