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Partial Hospitalization in New Mexico

When people think of addiction treatment, they often focus on residential treatment or outpatient rehab. If neither of those options seem to be the right one, they may think they have no other choice. However, for a specific group of addicts, partial hospitalization programs in New Mexico may be the answer.

What are Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Partial hospitalization programs are also known as day/night treatment. They focus on helping addicts recover from drug or alcohol addiction just like residential and outpatient centers. However, they are structured differently and take some of the benefits of both programs.

Most partial hospitalization programs offer the intense treatment of residential centers while providing more freedom and flexibility seen in outpatient settings. These programs provide all-day treatment and then send the person home or to a sober living center for overnight. The person returns the next day for more treatment. Some partial hospitalization programs provide transportation for the person to help ensure they never miss a scheduled treatment and to reduce the risk of relapse.

Who is Best Suited for Partial Hospitalization in New Mexico?

The best candidate for partial hospitalization in New Mexico is the person who needs more structure than an outpatient program can provide but doesn’t require 24-hour supervision. This is a person who needs intensive treatment but can maintain recovery for the few overnight hours they are away from the facility.

Many people choose partial hospitalization in New Mexico after completing treatment in a residential center. They may not feel ready to face life on their own, and this option is their next step. Partial hospitalization programs can provide stand-alone treatment or be used as follow-up to inpatient care.

For a partial hospitalization in New Mexico to work, the person must have the ability to maintain sobriety in the evenings after treatment is completed. They must be dedicated to recovery. It’s also helpful to have family or friends who will monitor them in the evenings and provide continued support.

The Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Getting to come home every day is the best benefit for many addicts in choosing a partial hospitalization program. They get to spend time with their family, which can help strengthen their resolve to become drug-free. It also allows the family time to see how the person is doing and to learn more about the recovery process.

Another benefit when partial hospitalization in New Mexico follows inpatient care is the slower transition to life after addiction. The person has a few hours on their own, but they still follow a regimented program during the day. They may then move to some type of outpatient program once they are ready.

Partial hospitalization in New Mexico has programs of varying lengths. Some last only 30 days while others may be 60- or 90-day programs. This allows the doctor and addict to choose which program is best for them.

Choosing a Partial Hospitalization Program

You will find options for drug treatment in New Mexico, but you must decide which one is best for you. All programs are unique with their own design, including specific programs and treatment options.

Some partial hospitalization programs offer detoxification to begin the recovery process. Many provide drug education, behavioral therapy and medication therapy along with relapse prevention. They include individual counseling and group therapy. Some may offer family therapy and alternative treatments to help with recovery. It’s important to find out how each partial hospitalization program is set up and the details of how the program works.

With so many programs available in New Mexico for drug addiction, you must know which one best suits you or your loved one. Take the time to learn about your options and compare them to make the decision that’s right for you and your family. An addiction specialist will be able to provide you with additional guidance and support if you are still hesitant about which direction to turn. Call now and rediscover the meaning of life.