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Sober Living in New Mexico

Life after drug addiction treatment is not easy. Not every addict who leaves a New Mexico treatment center has someone to greet them with open arms or have a supportive environment to return to. For those who are on their own, a sober living in New Mexico may be the best answer when an addict is looking to transition to their new life.

What are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living in New Mexico offers homes designed for the recovering addict who has either completed treatment or nearing the end. They provide homes for the addicts until they can go elsewhere. These places are usually located in residential neighborhoods and may be either single-family homes or multi-family housing. They are often owned by drug treatment centers in New Mexico or privately owned.

Residents must be able to pay rent and provide their own food to be accepted into one of these homes. They must have a job or be looking for one unless they are enrolled in school.

Each home will have bedrooms that residents share with at least one roommate and common areas, such as the kitchen and living room. As many as 20 or 50 people can be living in these facilities at one time, depending on the setup.

The Requirements  

Besides having a job and the ability to pay the rent, residents are required to obey the rules. Homes for sober living in New Mexico have strict policies to help prevent relapse. They have a curfew everyone must abide by unless they are working. There is no tolerance for drug or alcohol use, and any products with high alcohol content are banned. This includes items such as aftershave and mouthwash.

Violence and fighting aren’t tolerated in these homes. No one is allowed to harass another resident. If any rules are broken, there is disciplinary action that can range from heavy fines to eviction, depending on the severity of the behavior.

Each resident has chores to do to help keep the property clean and running smoothly. It also teaches them responsibility. Some homes require the person to attend group meetings or other therapy while the person lives there.

The Benefits

For the person with nowhere to go, the main benefit of sober living in New Mexico is that it gives them a place to live. For others, it’s the structured lifestyle that helps them learn how to be independent. They are used to having their decisions made for them in treatment and they don’t know how to react on their own. These homes provide the needed guidance while allowing them to develop their own decision-making skills.

Another benefit is the camaraderie of the residents. Everyone is in a similar situation regardless of their backgrounds. They can support each other in a way that no one else can. When someone is having a bad day or craving an addictive substance, someone else can help them stay strong. Receiving help from other recovering addicts is essential, but so is providing that help to others. By helping someone else, they are often able to grow in their determination to stay sober.

Many residents appreciate the fact that they have no deadline to leave like in therapy. They can stay as long as they need as long as they stay current on their rent. They don’t have to move until they feel ready.

If you have completed drug or alcohol addiction treatment or have a loved one in rehab, you might consider a sober living home as the next step. It not only provides a roof over the head, but ongoing support to live life drug and alcohol free. If you need help locating the sober community that will provide the most benefit, contact and addiction specialist today. Find hope in sobriety.